Desiree Walters Photography | Tips for your Fresh 48 Session

Tips for your Fresh 48 Newborn Session



For the vast majority of my clients having a professional photographer take their family’s photos is not part of their typical experience.  I want to provide you with some information to put you all at ease and feel more prepared for what will happen, as well as steps that you can take to get the gorgeous pictures you are hoping for.  Some main points are:


  • This is a documentary session which means you are freed from having to look at or pose for the camera.  I just want to capture these first moments while you enjoy your beautiful creation.  No need to smile on command either (although I'm sure that wouldn't be necessary anyway while holding your new little one).


  • Plan to have smile a lot and relax, this is a completely laid back process and can be a great time. 


  • Trust that I will get some beautiful photos, even if they weren’t what you expected.


  • I am always patient and flexible, I will stay until you feel we have everything.


  • Remember this is a beautiful fleeting time in your life.  I’m happy and privileged to be the one to capture some of these special moments with you.


What you can do to prepare for the shoot

  • Whether you are in your home or in a hospital I expect you to be resting in bed, as you would be if I was not there photographing everyone.  You just had a baby!


  • I want you to feel comfortable, but also to feel good.  When selecting what you will be wearing neutrals always look great (whites, blacks and grays).  I strongly suggest to wear what you'd be wearing if you were resting in bed with close family coming by - comfortable but nothing you'd be embarrassed for your loved ones ot see you in (I expect this will vary quite a bit from person to person). 


  • If you having me to your home please open up all of the shades in your house completely before I arrive so that I can find the best lighting.  I prefer to use natural light especially with newborns.


  • For in home sessions you do not need to go crazy cleaning, especially not for me.  You just had a baby, right?  It is a similar situation to the clothing, just have your house the way you are comfortable with it being documented.  This will vary quite a bit based on personal preference, but in my opinion is not important to clean.


  • Tell me if there are any specific shots or connections you are looking to get.


  • Also inform me of any photos you don’t want (breastfeeding, naked photos of your child, certain areas of the house, etc.).


What to expect of me and the shoot in general:


  • The shoot will take about 60 minutes.  I will spend time documenting you and your loved one(s) connecting with your brand new baby the way that is most natural for you.


  • Any directing on my end will be minimal. While I aim to take lifestyle photos I will often direct you a bit to get you in the best lighting or to add some variety to your gallery.