Desiree Walters Photography | Sullivan Family

Dad changing baby's diaper on changing pad.Dad and daughter in front of front door.Baby biting brother's finger.Little boy on stairs looking up.Little boy riding scooter with family in sidewalk in BrooklynMom opens bedroom curtains with baby in her arms.Dad walking with baby while holding her hands in kitchen.Mom plays and throws little boy on bed.Mom putting baby to bed, brsuhes her hair out of her face.Dad walking through park with baby in carrier looking up at him.Baby puts stick in her mouth.Mom holding baby's hand as she starts walking.Baby licking her lips while dad holds her up in park.Mom kissing baby in park.Baby in restaurant with menu and dad pointing finger at her.Mom and little boy reading book in bed.Little boy playing with dinosaurs in house.Baby laughing at little brother running towards her.Dad and son rough housing while mom makes dinner.Little boy peaks out of couch fort.