Desiree Walters Photography | Zieff Family

boy playing with legos in pajamas.boy making pancakes with giving son a kiss holding his hands in pajamas.boys playing legos with his dad on wood hugging son in pajamas on floor.little boy brushing his pullnig son's leg while they are playing in boy's room.boy plays with toys while drinking orange juice from a straw.boy laughing with father at kitchen table.little boy on scooter on sidewalk in front of fence.little boy giving mom a tight sqeeze with scrunched up face.little boy with blue eyes in front of leaves.little boy playing on kissing little boy's hair at a restaurant.little boy playing pat-a-cake with mom.little boy shooting watergun at a preparing dinner while dad sleeps and son plays legos.little boy squeezes dad's lips while giving a kisslittle boy on tablet while mom cooks and dad cleans.little boy and mom at dinner table talking.