Desiree Walters Photography | Sefick Family

Mom putting on little boy's pants in the and son in doorway with hands on playing legos together laughing.little boys upsidedown on a swing.little boy hugs dad's leg and stands on feet in yard.brothers playing a swingset.little boys play on swingset while dad watches.little boy's back while swinging on a long swing.little boy's feet while swinging high on locked out of house cries while younger brother peeks out at him.little boy cries to mom and she smiles.little boys on counter with mom telling him and little boy fill up water balloons with a hose.little boy throws water balloon at brother.little boy plays with bud in a roasting pan.little boy gives mischevious look while playing. with garden hose on playgroundmom kisses litle boy.little boys take out pajamas from drawers.brothers eating ice pops at laughing ni bed while boys play with toys on bed.