Desiree Walters Photography | Frank Family

dad reading book to 2 children on couch.Dad playing on floor with children.Mom and two young children going to baby's crib as she wakes up and all put their hands in.Family in nursery, baby on the floor with brother on top of her, both parents watch older child jump in crib.Little boy lays on floor with baby sister while parents watch older sister play in crib.Dad plays with children.Dad watching 2 children be silly.Mom brushes hair out of young daughter's face at kids table.Baby plays with her own feet on her own in her room.Dad and baby looking at each other.Baby watches older sibling finger paint.Little girl paints belly with finger paints.Overhead view of fingerpainting.Mom feeding baby a bottle while talking.Little belly covered in finger paint.Siblings in bath brother putting cloth and sister's head.Mom getting little girl dried off.Parents dressing children in living room.Mom holding baby and tickling her neck.Dad plays on floor with kids and confetti.