Desiree Walters Photography | Slideshow 2017 2.0
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Documentary Photographs of families, children and babies that tell the story of family life by Desiree Walters Photography.
Father teaching daughter to ride bikeEnvironmental portrait of Little girl making a funny face in the woodsmom and son play paino and their feet dangle belowFamily looking at newborn excitedly in an incubatorLittle girl with mud on her faceFamily running through a tunnel.Family reading a book in bed.Mom playing hopscitch with sonPregnant woman in sunlight in front of Jersey City SkylineLittle girl doing a canonball into a poolMom delicately holding son's faceMom and newborn face-to-face in kitchenMom playing with son on bed.Little boy hanging upside down on swing set.Little boy kissing brother nose and holding his face.Little girl doing silly things with her hands while mom holds her.Dad throws leaves on son.Newborn purses lips.Mom holds baby with view of city outside windows.Shirtless little boy washes car.

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