Desiree Walters Photography | Newborn 2017

My newborn sessions highlight the connection between your family and its newest member. I spend time with the baby alone, but also focus on capturing what your life is like at this specific moment - how you hold him or soothe her, and how hard it is to get those socks on! I want these photos to be about YOUR baby and how he has changed your family. When you look back at these pictures, either next week or when you are holding your grandbabies, they will bring you back to this moment in time. You will be reminded how this baby snuggled perfectly in your arms, cried when she had a diaper changed, the fact that you looked at your partner in a way that you never have before, and how this child simultaneously created chaos and calm in your life. You'll remember what is was like to have a new understanding and depth of love.
Family looks at newborn excited for the first time in inubator in the waiting room.Newborn baby sleeping with lips open.Brother kissing newborn on the head in an airchair with sidelight.Mom holds newborn face to face in kitchen and newborn reaches out to her.Mom breastfeeds newborn in living room.Dad snuggles mom's ear as she hold their newborn.Newborn boy stretched out on bed.Mom and dad work together to try and put sock on a newborn baby.newborn baby smiling in dad's lap.Big sister thoughtfully examines newborn brother's face.Dad holds newborn in window light looking at him.Newborn baby's feet on a crinkled up bedsheet.Closeup of newborn baby sleeping with pursed lips.Mom holding newborn baby in front of window, both in profile.Grandparents hold newborn baby and all are smiling.Closeup of newborn baby yawning while dad holds his head up.Mom snuggles baby infront of brownstone.Same sex parents kiss little girl while holding their newborn.Newborn baby sleeping on back with hands folded over blanket.Big sister hold newborn brother in bed and they both look at each other.