Desiree Walters Photography | Day in the Life Sessions
Perhaps you are wondering what this means exactly...Day in the Life? The short of it is that you hire me to be your documentary photographer for the day to tell the story of your family. We abandon posing and searching for "perfect light" and embrace real life in all of its messy, funny, and tender gloriousness....I will showcase the connections in your family in your everyday life. I will surprise you and put on display how awesome your family is (because you are probably convincing yourself right now you are boring). My job is to preserve the beautiful moments and real emotions your family shares everyday with timeless photos. How often do you think to yourself “I wish I had a picture of me rocking my child to sleep?” Some of the most powerful moments as parents are those that are rarely photographed, and thus must be trusted to memory alone. Each day with your children has both ordinary and extraordinary moments, from your family routines (reading books, playing with your children, taking a trip to the store, snuggling watching TV, preparing meals), to the routines, patterns and tender moments that occur each day that are completely unique to your family. All of these are memories are often overlooked but are precious. In a Day in the Life shoot you invite me into your home, or wherever you may be for the day, and I am with you and your family for anywhere between 4 and 24 hours. Click on the photos below see highlights from each Day in the Life session, ranging from 4 to 24 hours.
Gromek FamilyKeinan FamilyHecht FamilyVanLare 2018Mazor FamilyWilliams FamilyBerardi FamilySefick FamilyZieff FamilySullivan FamilyFrank Family