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Thanks for visiting!  Let me introduce myself a bit - I'm a serious small business owner with a silly side when it comes to the little ones.  Before I started my photography business in 2013 I worked as a developmental psychologist at universities around the country.  When my husband and I moved to NY I became a mom and made the decision to switch focus - instead of teaching parent-child attachments I would photograph them!  When I take photos of my own family my main purpose is to capture something that is meaningful to me as a wife and mother, but to do it in an artistic and thoughtful way.  Not everyone has a photographer in their family, but everyone would love to have meaningful and timeless photos of their family.  That is where I come in - I'll share what I do for my family with yours!  Click HERE to see some of my work with my own family.



And just for fun, more about me!

- My first camera was used to document my week-long field trip in 4th grade to Fire Island. 

- I am quite verbose (if you haven't already picked up on that)

- I am a developmental psychologist and spent a fair amount of my life researching how children develop, or teaching others how to so the same.  As a resulted I am pretty talented at connecting with them!

- I almost failed preschool because I couldn't skip. I'm great at chasing toddlers though!

- My great grandmother's emigration record indicates she arrived in Atlantic City to be a photographer

- I can never eat enough olives, and love them even more in a martini

- I use photographs and trinkets as my memory bank

- I find beauty everywhere, even if it takes some imagination

- I am a strange combination of the ultimate worrier but a hopeless optimist